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Download the 2020 Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Report

SAI Global, a recognized leader in Integrated Risk Management and trusted global vendor in the healthcare compliance sector, unveils the results of its 11th Annual Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Report.

The commissioned survey, conducted on behalf of SAI Global by Strategic Management Services, LLC, a recognized expert in compliance consulting services for the Healthcare industry, unveiled that Healthcare organizations face a challenging, competitive health landscape.

Pricing pressures, payment models, expanding demand for healthcare access, and emerging digital and analytic capabilities are shifting power dynamics within the value chain; increasing demand for services and changing consumer expectations. The result: a new health ecosystem is emerging.

According to findings from the report, many healthcare companies aren’t investing enough in their compliance teams. The function is in the throes of a difficult reality, one where budget constraints and more responsibility are taking their toll.

As America’s healthcare organizations brace themselves for the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic, SAI Global’s U.S. Healthcare expert Marcy Utley discusses findings of the 11th Annual Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Report and the further impact of unprecedented disruption. Read her blog"Can U.S. Healthcare Entities Cope with Budget Constraints, Coronavirus and a Rapidly Changing Regulatory Environment?”

“2019 was another tough year in the healthcare compliance sector, but not unexpected. This year may be just as challenging because the healthcare industry is fraught with risk. 

Additionally, almost overnight the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic increased the amount of regulatory reviews and guidance needed from the compliance department for all areas of the organization.

New technologies, laws, increased enforcement activity as well as potential regulatory waivers only add to the complexities and challenges that compliance professionals face.”

Marcy Utley
SAI Global


Download the full 2020 Healthcare Compliance Benchmark report: