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Introducing Decoding Conduct, Our New Webinar Series with Caterina Bulgarella

If you’ve spent time working in the ethics and compliance field, you may be familiar with Caterina Bulgarella. You might be one of the 95,000 people to read her work in Forbes, or come across one of her nine articles on the FCPA Blog in your social media feed. Perhaps you watched her three-part video series with Richard Bistrong on values, ethical dilemmas, and the role these themes play in business practices; or maybe you listened to her five-part interview series with Tom Fox about the “Strategic Culture Framework.”

Caterina Bulgarella, Decoding ConductCaterina has spent the past 15 years helping companies around the world rethink and reframe what it means to have an ethical culture and how that can be measured. Through a Ph.D. in organizational psychology and direct experiences from the field, she’s developed a mature, well-rounded perspective on what’s realistic, what’s idealistic and what can actually work.  

Our paths first crossed in 2015, and since then, I’m proud not just to call her a colleague, but a friend — a friend who challenges my perspectives and mindsets on a monthly basis over a cup of coffee. This is why I’m so excited for her new series with SAI Global called “Decoding Conduct.” Whether you drink coffee or not, I think you’ll find it compelling, enriching, valuable, and worth your time.    

Over the course of 2020, she’ll be sharing her perspectives on best practices in “Code of Conduct and Culture,” what we can learn about these topics through the lens of current events and how your company can take strides to achieve its goals with frameworks that are tried and tested.  

Her first event is this January. It's eligible for CCB CEUs and will be recorded. We expect a mix of webinars, videos, podcast conversations, live speaking engagements and written blog posts throughout the year and look forward to sharing them all with you.  

By registering for Decoding Conduct: Healthy Habits for your Code of Conduct and Culture in 2020 you’ll be the first to hear about any of this new educational material from Caterina and take the first step on a journey to a healthier organizational culture and stronger understanding of the levers that drive ethical and unethical behavior. 


Watch Caterina's first Decoding Conduct webinar


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Sean Freidlin helps ethics and compliance teams build more effective and modern learning programs. Sean was a director of E&C Learning product marketing at SAI Global, now SAI360.

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