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This Week in Compliance and Ethics: January 29 - February 9, 2018



Every month, SAI Global's ethics and compliance team hand-picks our favorite stories, articles, and content from different online publications and shares them on our blog. Here are some of our favorite ethics, compliance, culture, and risk stories from January and February 2018. 


Stories about ethics and compliance risk areas 

Measuring and Reinventing Sexual Harassment Training 
Hui Chen, the former compliance counsel expert for the U.S. Department of Justice, knows that to improve the current state of sexual misconduct training in organizations, we need to rethink how these complaints are handled internally and consider the importance of cultural, social, and emotional intelligence among managers. For the full story, read her new column on Bloomberg Law, and learn more about her in our interview from September 2017.

GDPR: A Playbook for Compliance 
On the heels of Data Privacy Day and Facebook's announcement of a new privacy center created to help the company comply with GPDR, J.R. Cunningham writes about the key players in effective GDPR compliance, the benefits of this regulatory change, and putting an effective plan in place to prepare for it on Venture Beat.

Employee Theft 'Shockingly Common' at Nonprofits
In the Boston Globe, Todd Wallack takes a deep dive into the widespread theft, embezzlement, and fraud that is commonplace among non-profit organizations and why the 1,110 + examples of this illegal behavior between 2011 and 2017 often go unnoticed and unreported.

No Slap On The Wrist: Wells Fargo Plunges After Federal Reserve Bars Lender's Growth
On Forbes, Antoine Gara provides an update on the latest attempts by Wells Fargo to recover from their fake accounts scandal in 2017 and how the Federal Reserve, in Janet Yellen's final order, has decided to punish the company's unethical conduct by restricting the bank's growth until it shows improvement in its governance and risk management controls.

Monopoly is Releasing a Special Edition of its Iconic Game That's Made Specifically for Cheaters
On Insider, Kirsten Acuna shares the major details of Hasbro's newest board game, Monopoly Cheater's Edition, and how this new version of a classic will twist the rules to encourage and reward unethical behavior. 


Stories about corporate culture and the ethics and compliance profession

Stars Named for 'Compliance' TV Comedy!
In our 2018 Trends and Predictions, we reflected on how one of our major predictions from 2017, the 'mainstream-ification' of ethics and compliance, was becoming a reality. In what could be considered the tipping point of this idea, FX has commission a pilot for a television show named Compliance that will star Emmy Award winners Courtney B. Vance and Mary Louise Parker. Read more about his new show, focused on a compliance officer at a private equity fund, in Matt Kelly's article on Radical Compliance

The 50 Best Jobs in America According to Glassdoor
Glassdoor, a website with a mission of helping people everywhere find jobs and companies they love, recently announced their '50 Best Jobs in America' for 2018. The list is created and ranked based on Glassdoor's proprietary Job Score, factoring in salary, number of job openings, and overall satisfaction rating of different positions across all industries. Coming in at #11, between Manufacturing Engineer and Finance Manager, is Compliance Manager. View the full list and current compliance manager openings by visiting Glassdoor

The Case for a Deeply Embedded Ethical Culture 
In National Defense Magazine, Jacob Blass writes about the market value of an organization's reputation, the prominence (and cost) of fraud in business, and the importance of embedding an ethical culture, especially among government contractors. 

Changing a Corporate Culture
On the FCPA Compliance Report, Tom Fox explores the recently published insights of Harvard Business Review's Leader's Guide to Corporate Culture and shares four practical, actionable ways a Chief Compliance Officer can effect culture change in their organization.  

Ban These 5 Words From Your Corporate Values Statement
On Harvard Business Review, Denise Lee Yohn makes her case as to why you should ban “ethical, teamwork, authentic, fun, and customer-oriented” from your organization's values statement, citing the importance of differentiation and identifying what actually makes you unique from your competitors.

Groundhog Day and the Art of Repetition 
On his blog, The Ethical Leader, Yan Tougas shares wisdom and insights he's gained from over a decade in the ethics and compliance industry. Two posts he's recently published discuss the importance of repetition and lessons for E&C professionals from the movie Groundhog Day and how they relate to ethical leadership, corporate culture, and changing behavior. 


In case you missed it on our blog

Larry Fink's Call to Action: A New Breed of Risk Requires a New Breed of Excellence
Every year, executives around the world gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This year, "Larry's Letter" by Blackrock CEO Larry Fink is making headlines at the week-long event. In a guest blog post, Caterina Bulgarella explores the implications of Fink's call to action.

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