Defining the Future of Operational Resilience

March 26, 2021

Perspectives with Paul Johns, CMO & EVP at SAI360

Traditionally, business continuity and operational risk have operated as two separate silos within organizations. Is this the best method for mitigating risk in a world where business is changing by the second? Industry expert Michael Rasmussen says the answer to that question was made abundantly clear in 2020 – embedding business continuity more deeply in risk management is the best strategy to achieve operational resilience.

However, few companies are prepared to handle the risks that emerged in 2020 unless they were practicing the integrated, holistic strategies inherent in an operationally resilient approach.

Paul Johns discusses: 

  • Business vs. operational resilience
  • Accountability and resilience
  • Building resilience into an organization
  • Leadership and community engagement

Companies must parse risks and exposures to a granular level and determine how a breakdown in one area cascades through the overall service.


Reprinted from Risk & Compliance Magazine, April-June 2021 issue


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