A Pharmaceutical Company's Transformation to Campaign-Based Curriculum

Learn how this multi-national organization restructured and branded their compliance program to make it more engaging, effective and approachable for employees

“We don’t want to be known as the compliance police. We want to be known as a resource. In my experience, the degree of approachability that a campaign-based approach to compliance creates helps break down those barriers.”

Rachel Batykefer
Director of Global Compliance Training Communications and Outreach, Teva Pharmaceutical

At a Glance

Teva Pharmaceutical changed their organization's global compliance training program from a basic activity to a campaign-based curriculum where employees now find their learning experience to be relevant, applicable, meaningful, and engaging. As a result, their compliance team has decreased seat time, changed the perception of training within the organization, and experienced higher levels of employee engagement. 

Client Background

Teva Pharmaceutical is a global company established in 1901 with more than 40,000 employees in 80 countries. Teva produces approximately 120 billion tablets and capsules each year and ranks among the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, focusing on specialty medicines, generic medicines, over-the-counter products, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. 


In 2013, Teva Pharmaceutical took a basic approach to their code of conduct and anti-bribery and anti-corruption training. The text-heavy, legal-centric, off-the-shelf content focused on rules, regulations, and punishment and was generic in nature.

The challenge that Rachel Batykefer faced when joining the company was to improve the ethics and compliance program so it focused on the challenges and risks specific to Teva's employees and was designed in a way that could engage employees and grab their attention. This included using realistic scenarios and content that related to employee responsibilities, implementing a variety of learning formats, and focusing the message on behavior, integrity, culture, and ethics. 


Teva's new campaign-based approach to ethics and compliance training with refreshed, relevant content has resulted in a significant shift in the engagement and perception of ethics and compliance across the organization. Additionally, they've been able to cut down on seat time, improve completion rates, and brand their compliance program in a new way that helps it be more approachable and recognizable. 

With Teva Pharmaceutical's campaign-based approach and newer, shorter courses, 75 to 85% of employees complete training without requiring follow up – a more than 300% increase from prior methods.


Read our full customer success story to take a closer look at how SAI Global worked with Teva Pharmaceutical to transform its ethics and compliance program, from business requirements to impact with employees.

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