Where would you be without compliance?

How I’ve faced 2020’s opportunities & challenges as a Compliance Officer...

Compliance Officer Day is celebrated on 26 September each year. This year it falls on a Saturday, so you might like to take a moment before then to acknowledge your product safety compliance manager and staff this week. Read Gail Greatorex's full blog post for her insights on key components of being a compliance officer, including: 

  • Compliance basics
  • Compliance and due diligence
  • Product safety compliance isn't easy
  • Achieving product safety

“Compliance” is just a subset of “governance” and not the other way around.

Pearl Zhu


Take a moment: So, mark the occasion of Compliance Officer Day with a little celebration, and a resolution to value your compliance team more throughout the coming year.

Gail Greatorex
Product Safety Solutions, Australia



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