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Navigating the COVID-19 Risk Arc in EHS

Supercharge your Risk Management in the "New Normal"

We are working tirelessly to support the EHS community during the COVID-19 pandemic. In these unprecedented times, the HSE Virtual Congress, hosted April 28-29, proved to be a great way to share information and for participants to learn from other organizations and thought leaders as they try to navigate this pandemic. SAI Global was proud to be a gold sponsor of the HSE Virtual Congress, which had a focus on COVID-19 risk, response and crisis management.

At the meeting, David Smith, Commercial Director of EHS at SAI Global, gave a talk titled Navigating the COVID-19 Risk Arc – Supercharge your Risk Management in the New "Normal."

Every organization has been on its own challenging journey in response to COVID-19, but as with every crisis, thankfully it will end. How do you come out the other side match-fit and ready to respond to your EHS challenges in your new normal.

During this webinar, David:

  • Introduces the COVID-19 risk arc, particularly focusing on how businesses navigate a return to "normal" operations
  • Discusses how to leverage the greatest safety reset opportunity you will likely experience
  • Demonstrates how technology can increase your EHS risk agility, reduce bureaucracy and prepare you for your new normal.


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To help EHS Managers navigate the pandemic SAI Global have put together this dedicated Health and Safety Coronavirus Response Hub that is full of practical advice on how you might consider adapting or maximizing your approach and technology, to better operationalize your response.

For more information about our EHS solution, request a demo.