Sandvik: Cultural Change Through Technology Innovations

April 13, 2021

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions (SMR) opted to go with SAI Global’s EHS platform and has achieved what it aims to do: Significantly improve its EHS performance by simultaneously improving both the management systems and the EHS culture.

The raw potential of new technology is astonishing, from IoT, to blockchains, data lakes, and AI. Although it is getting easier to use many of these, it is incredibly difficult to understand how any particular technology leads to transformational opportunities. In particular, it is difficult to adapt the technology to the unique needs of the organization and to integrate it with current processes.

To further complicate matters, most enterprises have ingrained legacy systems that are difficult to modify. One can only solve these problems with individuals with technical depth, scope, and the ability to work hand-in-hand with the wider organization.

The reality is that in many industries today, most data is not up to basic standards, and the rigors of change require far better data quality and analytics.

Data poses a fascinating paradox; transformation involves understanding emerging types of unstructured data, huge quantities of data external to the business, leveraging and incorporating proprietary data, all while shedding massive amounts of information that has never been (and will never be) used.

Read the full details of this third-party case study by Global Business Research (GBR).

"Improving EHS culture across a diverse organization with significant differences in EHS maturity is a challenging task, but we knew with the right tool, we could transform EHS data into meaningful metrics that employees understand and relate to."

"While we made very few changes to the core components of SAI360 for EHS (Incident & Hazard Reporting), we have certainly pushed the system boundaries in relation to customizing and developing other components to suit our ever-changing needs."

"The ability to provide a system that allows this degree of flexibility without compromise to stability is testament to SAI Global's experience and knowledge in the field of EHS systems."

Julie-Ann Clark
Global EHS Data Manager
Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions


Learn how Sandvik’s Mining & Rock Technology division evolved from manual spreadsheet-based processes to a fully-integrated EHS solution with SAI Global to drive cultural change, earning them the 2018 Verdantix Innovator Award.

Case study: Sandvik Switches from Spreadsheets to an Integrated EHS Solution


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