Effective Corporate Cultures are Respectful and Free from Harassment and Discrimination

June 4, 2021

New Learning Suite: Dignity and Respect in the Global Workplace

Help your employees recognize the many forms workplace harassment can take, what to do if they see it, and how to prevent it using SAI’s new suite of Ethics and Compliance Learning content, Dignity and Respect in the Global Workplace.


Taking on the challenge of covering both global and local requirements with diverse and relatable scenarios, this configurable learning experience reflects today’s workplaces. For comprehensive, must-have regulatory requirements and peace of mind, use an expert-curated, off-the-shelf course to deliver a singular training experience to your entire organization, ensuring every employee and manager has a personalized learning track that meets jurisdictional requirements.

Or, use components as standalone teachable moments or in combination with other modules to create a learning campaign that represents your unique context. Our team is here to guide you in selecting the elements that create the right learning experience for your learners.


  • 16 interactive learning modules
  • 4 authentic Voice of the People videos
  • 2 pre-bundled packaged options to help you train entire workforces with a single course
  • Robust profiling that drives a personalized learning experience for each learner
  • Global perspectives that consider cultural sensitivities
  • Grounded in local regulations, but designed around learner needs
  • Scenarios featuring remote and hybrid work contexts
  • Content that can be supported in over 60+ languages and customized to your brand


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