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Training: Safely Returning to the Workplace with COVID-19 Compliance

New return-to-work training for organizations

As we consider returning remote employees to the office and other workplace environments through the pandemic, it’s essential that we keep each other safe and comply with the guidance of health experts. The state of Massachusetts set the first benchmark by requiring a compliance attestation that demonstrates and records an effort to educate and train employees on safety and health standards.

To enable your organization to meet these requirements and be fully compliant to reopen your office and business, and ensure you can certify all employees have participated, we’ve launched a new COVID-19 training experience that is available now.


  • The training is purpose-built to meet the requirements around providing education to workers on up-to-date safety information and precautions, including hygiene, social distancing, and measures aimed at reducing Covid-19 transmission.
  • Our learning experience is comprised of a 2-minute video that covers key topics and a customizable intro and outro screen that also allows organizations to link to related policies or information specific to their offices.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • The materials include reporting features that enable you to demonstrate participation.

To learn more about this short experience, called “Keeping Each Other Safe As We Work Together,” please complete the form on this page or reach out to your account manager. The training is ready-to-launch as-is within 5 business days.


Request a demo of this COVID-19 return to workplace training:




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