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Ivan Mateo Named Society of Food Hygiene and Technology’s Auditor of the Year


Honouring food safety and sustainability professionals

London, November 2016: In recognition for his work helping to secure ocean environments through fisheries sustainability certification, SAI Global's Dr Ivan Mateo was named Auditor of the Year at the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SoFHT) Awards.

Ivan plays an integral role at SAI Global assessing the sustainability of fishery stocks against global standards such as the Marine Stewardship Council's (MSC) sustainable fishing standard and the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Certification Program. 

"I’m honoured to receive this award for the work I do on behalf of SAI Global and on behalf of the specialist group of fishery assessors working to assist fisheries around the world demonstrate their sustainability credentials against globally recognised standards. Not only does certification help protect global marine ecosystem biodiversity, it provides consumers with confidence selecting seafood that has been sustainably managed and responsibly fished."

Dr Ivan Mateo

Fisheries Assessment Officer

"To have such a reputable organisation as SoFHT recognise Ivan's work is fantastic. It also serves to highlight the enormous contribution standards and certification make to ensure responsibly managed and sustainable fisheries. With good marine science, sound fisheries management and careful stewardship of the world's marine resources, seafood has the potential to feed the world's population now and in the future. Standards such as MSC and RFM are pioneering the attainment of these values and we're proud to be part of this marine sustainability agenda."

David Garforth

Senior Consultant, Seafood at SAI Global

Dr Mateo has a strong academic and professional background in fishery science, fish bioenergetics, fish stock assessment modelling and marine conservation.  Familiar with fisheries of all sizes across a diverse range of marine ecosystems including tropical, temperate and artic environs, Ivan's knowledge of fish species and fishing methods is exceptional.   

Ivan leads a number of MSC and RFM fishery certifications and pre-assessments including: Pacific Albacore Tuna, Scotia Fundy Haddock, Gulf of Saint Lawrence Snow Crab, Alaska Salmon and Pacific Halibut.

Of note, on behalf of WWF-Canada and the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW-Unifor), Ivan lead a pre-assessment of Newfoundland's Northern Cod Stock. This was part of a collaborative project to improve fishery sustainability through attaining MSC certification.  This project seeks to reverse the current state of this fishery stock; largely regarded as one of the world's most iconic, fishery stock decimations resulting from decades of unsustainable over-fishing. 

SAI Global delivers audits and certification to the world's leading seafood standards; MSC, Alaska RFM, Iceland RFM, G.U.L.F RFM, GAA BAP, ASC, Global GAP, IFFO RS, Organic as well as the full suite of GFSI benchmarked and relevant supply chain standards such as BRC, IFS and ISO, CoC and internal retail/customer specific standards.  

SAI Global seafood personnel are sector and program specific specialists in seafood.  Academically accomplished and professionally adept, the team are courteously objective and passionate about the business of seafood sustainability.  
Established in 1979, international membership organisation SoFHT supports the work of food industry professionals involved in all aspects of food hygiene.  The SoFHT Awards, as judged by a panel of experienced industry professionals celebrate outstanding achievements by businesses and individuals to food safety and sustainability.