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New Qualification for Food Industry Professionals


SAI Global responds to need for industry upskilling.

Today at the 22nd Australian HACCP Conference, SAI Global announced a new qualification for food industry professionals. 

Available from 1 January 2016, the 10140NAT Diploma of Food Safety Quality Assurance Management is a unique, nationally recognised qualification specifically designed for professionals working with the food industry in Operations, Food Safety and Quality Assurance roles. 

Paul Butcher, Chief Commercial Officer, SAI Global, said:


"SAI Global is proud to be able to offer this exclusive qualification for the first time in Australia."

In 2014, it was identified that 36.6 percent of Australian employers had jobs requiring vocational qualifications1, and this new Diploma will help address this need for training, helping food industry professionals develop a clear career path. 

"We’re committed to upskilling the Australian food industry and providing those working within it the unique recognition they deserve for their skills and knowledge."

Representing almost 30 percent ($119 billion per annum) of total manufacturing in Australia2, the agrifood sector (food manufacturing and grocery) is a vital industry providing jobs for over 332,000 people nationally2.

Research shows there's a skill shortage in existing workforces, particularly for roles such as food safety auditors in the food and beverage industries, and quality assurance personnel in the meat and seafood industries3.

The new diploma was launched in response to a growing gap in the Food Processing Training Package qualifications for food industry quality and compliance professionals, and to help overcome a national skills shortage this is creating.

With the median age of Auditors being 55 years, 14 years older than the average age of workforce in Australia3, this qualification will also help to encourage young emerging managers into the industry.

Certified assessor and food safety and quality trainer, Cathy Lee said: “Australia has an enviable reputation for producing quality and premium foods that are safe. The introduction of this new qualification ensures a consistent standard is maintained so Australia continues to be a modern, safe, reliable and sustainable producer of food.


"It is an important step forward and will benefit those working in the industry as well as the food industry itself."

The qualification has been developed in consultation with food industry representatives and is available exclusively through SAI Global.


The flexible qualification can be achieved through a combination of face-to-face or online learning as well as through a Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer pathway and will generally take up to two years to achieve the Diploma.


About SAI

SAI Global Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange with its head office located in Sydney, Australia. The company employs around 2,000 people across 29 countries and 51 locations across Europe, North America and Asia. 

SAI Global offers a broad range of products and services for risk management to businesses worldwide, including specialised property services to the financial, legal and conveyancing sectors.


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