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SAI Global Enters into Partnership with SunRice


SAI Global enters into partnership with SunRice to boost global efficiency

SAI Global's Retail, Agrifood Team (RAF) has announced a partnership to provide all of the certification needs, including food and safety for Australian-based Ricegrowers Limited, or better known as SunRice.
SAI Global's RAF Team helps customers of all sizes throughout the entire supply chain operating in the Retail, Food and Agribusiness industries across over 100 countries.
SunRice, a SAI Global customer since 2001, started from a single rice mill in Australia's Riverina region back in 1950. Today, SunRice is a significant player in the global food market, with complementary businesses and leading brands in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

"The strategic agreement to partner with SAI Global for our food and safety certification needs, means we will be able to standardise our procedures across our business and supply chains. We will achieve more consistency, efficiencies and reduce our compliance costs. Given we supply close to 60 countries with diverse and innovative rice food products, it’s a major boost for our business and our 1,100 rice growers. Equally important, it will also reinforce our long history of providing high-quality, nutritious foods for consumers around the globe."

Kelly Hales

Head of Research, Development and Quality, SunRice

The deeper partnership with SunRice was formed following the 22nd Australian HACCP conference - the region's 'Thought Leadership' event in food safety which was attended by over 130 delegates in the Agrifood industry.

"Given SAI Global helps businesses ensure products are safe and legal for their customers in more than 100 countries, we are well positioned to work with SunRice across their broad geographic footprint. SunRice is strongly connected to a wide range of communities across Australia and internationally through employees, farmers, customers, consumers, government, and through community groups. It’s a delight to know our partnership will help the SunRice business."

David Katz

SAI Global's Commercial Director in the Asia Pacific region

Ricegrowers Limited, trading as SunRice, is a $1.25 billion global food business and one of Australia's leading branded food exporters. With sales, marketing and operations spanning the globe, they supply domestic markets and approximately 60 countries with diverse and nutritious food products, from table rice, flour and snacks, to rice meals and companion animal and livestock products. More information -