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SAI Global Invests in Upgrade of South African Food Microbiological Testing Laboratory



SAI Global has officially opened its upgraded food microbiological testing laboratory in Johannesburg, South Africa. The upgraded accredited testing lab, QPRO | SAI Global Pty Ltd, will now better enable clients to effectively manage their food safety, hygiene and quality issues. 

The primary focus of the lab is to provide a comprehensive, technically superior service concentrating on food, environmental, water and beverage microbiological testing. The laboratory currently has 26 accredited methods and is one of only 3 facilities in South Africa delivering accredited testing for Legionella (Legionella spp). 

SAI Global is committed to implementing, reviewing and monitoring food safety practices and ensuring there are robust quality frameworks and protocols in place that underpin food safety through the supply chain. 

SAI Global has invested R3.2 million to upgrade and expand the existing facility by 230m² and incorporate additional equipment to further expand the laboratory's analysis capacity. This has allowed the lab to have effective separation of incompatible areas enhancing the quality of testing, enabling a more efficient work flow process and improving the level of occupational health and safety.  

SAI Global has identified the importance of investing in new and different food capabilities and expertise within the South African market. The investment aligns with SAI Global's strategic goal to accelerate growth in risk management solutions, adopting regional approaches in line with market demands. Through innovation and effective risk portfolios, including advancements with the food industry, SAI Global's vision is to redefine best-in-class practices and technology.

Attending the Johannesburg opening were Peter Mullins, Chief Executive Officer at SAI Global and Anne Scorey, SAI Global Regional Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Also in attendance were representatives from South African major food organisations.

"The strategic agreement to invest in the South African market aligns with a core philosophy of SAI Global, to safeguard against the ever-increasing risk of food contamination."

"We are committed to ensuring regulatory and quality frameworks are in place so that consumers around the globe can have confidence in the integrity and safety of the food they buy."

Mr Peter Mullins

Chief Executive Officer, SAI Global

SAI Global is committed to investing in the South African economy. With a customer base spanning 29 countries, SAI Global's goal is to ensure food safety, management and hazard controls are implemented and maintained to the highest standards, protecting consumers worldwide.

"The upgraded SAI Global laboratory has a team of 16 specialists, all boasting extensive experience in the food industry both locally and internationally and it’s our intention to continue to grow our team to meet increasing demand."

Anne Scorey

SAI Global Regional Director