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SAI Global to Launch New eCommerce Store as Part of $8M Digital Transformation Program


Meeting customer demands for access to business information anywhere, anytime

SAI Global today announced the launch of a new eCommerce store as the next phase in its $8M digital transformation program. The transformation program aims to provide customers with digital and mobile access to SAI Global's broad range of products, and to promote seamless integration of products into their existing risk management solutions.

The eCommerce store provides one-stop and round-the-clock access to purchase SAI Global's training and e-Learning courses, legislation and over one million Standards products. 

The store will employ a number of features to enable customers to better manage corporate, food and process risk.  It incorporates responsive, mobile-ready design, intuitive search and browsing, and secure customer accounts to facilitate streamlined transaction functionality for an increasingly mobile workforce.

The first phase of the digital transformation, unveiled in late 2015, saw the launch of the new website,, in over 28 markets. The user-centric design provides SAI Global customers with easy access to information and business Standards, whenever and wherever they are required to meet the needs of their customers. Since launch, the website has been visited by almost 700,000 individuals, driving over one million site visits and two million page views.

 The $8M digital transformation has also transitioned SAI Global to a cloud based infrastructure, able to evolve as customers' needs change, ensuring that Standards are at customers' fingertips 24/7.


"Consumers are seeking to better manage the risks in their organisations and operations through innovative digital solutions and flexible, mobile access to up-to-date information, including Standards. To meet their expectations and to ensure we are at the forefront of risk management offerings, we are investing significantly in the ongoing digital transformation of our business."

"Global workplaces are becoming more reliant on smart phones and tablets as businesses seek faster, more mobile ways for their people to access essential tools and information, including business Standards. Recognising this trend, we are focussing on seamless device accessibility of our content for the modern workplace. The soon to be released second stage in our transformation, the eCommerce store, will satisfy the high expectations of our global customers for best-in class technology and seamless on-demand access to the critical business tools we provide."

Peter Mullins

Chief Executive Officer at SAI Global