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Vax Essentials from SAI360: A Focused Approach to Managing Employee Covid-19 Vaccination Policies

Your company has decided to mandate or incentivize employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine. How do you manage compliance with the unique requirements of your new company policy?

Vax Essentials from SAI360: A Focused Approach to Managing Employee Covid-19 Vaccination Policies As employers consider how to ensure the ongoing health and safety of your workforce as part of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, organizations are implementing a range of company policies from encouraging to mandating vaccination before remote workers return to the office or other work environment, whether in a hybrid or full-time schedule.

Risk and compliance teams in partnership with HR, legal, environmental, health & safety (EHS) and other functions face a variety of challenges with these new policy requirements, from employee awareness and managing vaccine attestations or certifications and exceptions, to policy decisions, modifications and enforcements, to incident reporting.

Organizations also need flexible tools that support how they oversee safe visits from third-party business partners and vendors, onsite contractors or other workplace interactions with customers or potential future employees who may or may not be vaccinated.

“Business leaders must decide when the benefits of mandating vaccines – versus highly encouraging them – outweigh the associated risks and challenges.”

Tera Peterson, SAI360 Senior Product Marketing Manager
Blog: Developing Internal Vaccination Policies: A Long Road Ahead for Employers

End-to-end vaccination policy management with Vax Essentials from SAI360

To address these challenges, organizations can take advantage of Vax Essentials from SAI360, a focused set of software modules from our proven GRC compliance management solution that are designed to facilitate the management of policies and risks related to Covid-19 vaccinations and the workplace.

SAI360’s Vax Essentials is a configurable solution that enables companies to stay organized and compliant as they establish new vaccination policies. Our technology enables compliance teams to maintain documentation within a single repository, encourage employee participation, address HIPAA regulatory needs, and create automated reports from centralized analytics. Reports can be shared with leadership or prepared in advance of an audit.

With SAI360 you'll have an up-to-the-minute view of policy reviews, approvals and attestations.

Vax Essentials from SAI360 includes: 

  • Policy Manager: Provides central visibility, online editing, lifecycle management and easy search of company vaccination policies with an audit-ready view.
  • Incident Manager: A web-based incident intake tool to manage all incident types, providing end-to-end case management and reporting to maintain audit readiness as well as compile proof of investigation, preventative measures taken and resolution of issues.
  • Ethics Hotline: A confidential, professional and actionable reporting channel that’s in place to encourage employees to voice their compliance and regulatory concerns without fear of retribution — an integral component of an effective compliance program.

SAI360’s Vax Essentials is designed to simplify the overwhelming process of managing and implementing Covid-19 vaccine policies for employees, making it easy to smoothly integrate those policies into a comprehensive GRC management platform.  

An EHS approach

For organizations with established Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) programs, EHS managers can also take advantage of a similar set of capabilities from our SAI360 EHS solution to manage employee and contractor vaccination requirements.

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