Board of Director and C-Suite Ethics and Compliance Training with SAI Global

Establish the tone at the top of your ethics and compliance program

It’s time to align expectations with reality. We all know it’s important for the most senior people in an organization to act with integrity, navigate risk, and do the right thing — but the vast majority of compliance programs do not deliver specific, targeted, purpose-built training for this executive audience.

To change that, the SAI Global team has worked with legal subject matter experts to create a new bundle of executive-level training courses on harassment, diversity, workplace respect, ethical cultures, antitrust compliance, conflicts of interest, cybersecurity, insider trading and financial irregularities.

Each experience takes less than 10 minutes to complete and is designed to work on any device. They're written specifically for executives with scenarios that explore the business impact of these subjects.

So give your board and C-suite the training they need — and deserve — to ensure you build a culture where everyone understands the value of ethical behavior.

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