Coffee & Code of Conduct: The Latest Tools and Technology to Build a Successful Program

Learn how to make your Code of Conduct more helpful, engaging, modern and aligned with your compliance program’s goals.


In our 30-minute session, we take you through SAI Global’s latest Code of Conduct technology, training and delivery options used to help organizations create a culture they can be proud of. 

We have worked with hundreds of global organizations to create and roll out a Code of Conduct that aligns with their unique company values, and to build a comprehensive risk-based and values-based training program to work alongside it.

We’ll explain how our online training, learning content and supporting tools can improve your Code of Conduct, and show you different ways to manage and roll out your E&C program to mitigate risk and build a stronger culture. 

We’ll also discuss aspects of our methodology and mindset around building a successful code of conduct, and answer live questions from the audience.


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