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Governance Best Practices for 2020: How to Enhance Compliance by Modernizing your Governance Strategy

HIPAA is the current privacy standard when it comes to compliance requirements for protected health information addressing the use and disclosure of individuals' health information. But as the healthcare industry continues to change, Federal, State, and Local compliance laws are following suit. Keeping that in mind, organizations need to try to stay a step ahead with modernizing their governance strategy. 

This presentation will offer tactical approaches to modernizing your governance to ensure you are meeting industry compliance standards while learning about potential pitfalls, compliance tips, risks, and more:

  • Best practices for addressing your data privacy, security, governance & compliance 
  • Utilizing governance to break down silos
  • How HIPAA, State, and Federal regulations impact healthcare organizations
  • Creating workflows to show the big picture

Join SAI Global and speakers Andrea Halko, Program Manager at FairWarning and Tom McCormick, Senior Product Manager at SAI Global, Thursday, January 23rd at 2:00 pm EST, to learn more about how an in-depth approach leveraging your existing ecosystem will enhance your governance and help you meet compliance requirements. 

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