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An Integrated Approach to EHS Digitalization with Avangrid Renewables

Learn how to gain a 360-degree view of your key EHS data, including real-time safety measures that protect your workforce and critical assets in this video case study.

The potential benefits of a digitalized EHS & Sustainability operation are compelling. Leading organizations are leveraging technologies and innovations to improve their EHS&S outcomes through digitalization. 

The reality is that many organizations are burdened by what we call “technology solution overload” and struggle to move their digitalization vision from aspiration to a working solution that improves EHS&S performance. Knowing where to start and how to approach an EHS&S digitalization project can be the difference between success and getting it wrong. Unfortunately, getting it wrong can come with a greater reputational and financial risk to an organization. 

See how Avangrid successfully made the leap from a legacy system towards their desired digital solution. Avangrid Renewable's EHS Director Kristy Abel joins Christine Adeline, our EHS&S expert at SAI36, to discuss the company's approach to EHS&S digitalization in detail with practical lessons learned.

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