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Pivoting Ethics & Compliance Strategy in an Uncertain Business Climate

The reality for business and compliance leaders alike right now is that there are few things that anyone can reasonably predict. The road to anything resembling stabilization after COVID-19 still seems quite long. Therefore leaders who can be flexible and adapt to sudden industry and market movements and adjust strategic vision can at least harness a little bit more control from an E&C perspective.

Communication will be a crucial component, but how you say anything matters more than ever. Training still needs to happen, but the frequency, tone, and subject matter are potentially at higher risk of missing its mark. With any strategy, E&C leaders also need to lean on key business partners to ensure optimal alignment and effectiveness. Managers will have an enormous role to play, and getting the right tools in their hands will be essential to maximizing engagement. These are just some of the components of ethics and compliance programs shifting in these unprecedented social and economic conditions.

This roundtable discussion hosted by Ethisphere will feature perspectives from seasoned practitioners responsible for ethics, compliance, and legal. We will explore some of the more pressing challenges of this pandemic while offering suggestions on how to successfully mobilize and harmonize strategic planning.

Roundtable participants:

This webinar was recorded on May 7, 2020.

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