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Planning a Return to the Workplace? Here are the 6 Policies You Need to Revisit.

It's gradually becoming safer for the business world to return to collaborating in-person as an increasing portion of the population gets vaccinated from Covid-19. Mask mandates and other pandemic restrictions are being rolled back and organizations are planning how and when to return to the workplace.

After 14 months of Zoom meetings and adaptive company culture, how do you protect your business, its reputation and your employees? SAI's Paul Johns leads a Q&A discussion about integrity, trust, responsibility, accountability and resilience as we navigate the continuing evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen in as GRC expert Michael Rasmussen highlights six key GRC challenges and policies you need to revisit.

  • Managing the continuing operational and business resiliency risks
  • Increased risks for bribery and corruption as business pressures, supply chain conditions and personal interactions shift 
  • Maintaining company culture and ethical standards after experiencing the informality of remote employees working and interacting from home and the potential for harassment issues if that informality carries back into a reopened workplace
  • Escalating cybersecurity and third-party vendor risks
  • The potential for new waves of Covid-19 spread that may return people to distancing, masking and remote connectivity
  • How to ethically address vaccinations and company policies with employees

Tune in to our interactive discussion: 



About SAI360’s Vax Essentials

For employers of any organizational size, developing and implementing vaccination-related company policies will become a new priority this spring as business moves into the new normal of the Covid economy and more employees start to return to offices and work environments. SAI360's Vax Essentials is a set of focused software modules that enable compliance and risk officers to manage policies and risks related to Covid-19 employee vaccinations as part of your larger GRC program. 

With SAI360 you'll have an up-to-the-minute view of policy reviews, approvals and attestation.Our technology enables organizations to rapidly organize, manage, configure, document, communicate and report compliance with the requirements of having employees return to the workplace as the pandemic (hopefully) wanes. By leveraging existing SAI360 GRC capabilities, our approach also enables organizations to seamlessly handle vaccination policies within your organization’s wider framework of compliance and policy management.


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