What Factors and Emerging Trends will Impact EHS&S Operating Models in 2022?

EHS&S Trends in 2021 that will Influence 2022: Expert Panel Webinar Dec.8

As we head into 2022, how can EHS & Sustainability Leaders be responsive to change while maintaining a safe workplace? 

  • Live webinar: Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 9:30 AM ET | 3:30 PM GMT

Join our experts and analysts from Verdantix, RegScan, Scottish Power, Inchcape and SAI360 for a panel discussion. They'll be sharing insights into what you can expect in the coming year and how your EHS & Sustainability team can respond. 

During this interactive webinar, you will discover: 

  • Micro and macro factors and trends in EHS&S 
  • Existing and new regulatory frameworks that will play a significant role in EHS&S performance management and how leaders will need to respond
  • How best-in-class companies such as Scottish Power and Inchcape are remolding their EHS&S tactics to respond to the disruptions and what learnings we can take into 2022 
  • How EHS professionals can play a more significant part in operationalizing ESG and sustainability strategies 
  • Why EHS leaders will need to leverage and maximize innovative technologies such analytics, data strategies, mobility data, and more to drive better EHS and Sustainability performance in turbulent times

Panel speakers: 

Join us on December 8 to learn from EHS industry experts:



Learn more about SAI360 EHS&S solution, or explore our additional webinars and whitepapers on best practices in EHS risk management and sustainability. Or, contact us to see how we've helped organizations like yours.

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