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An Enterprise Perspective on Internal Controls: How to Mature your Internal Control Program

In this white paper, we discuss the importance of reaching a mature internal control program and provide a three-step process guide to help you define your company’s roadmap to achieve it.

An Enterprise Perspective on Internal Controls – A Guide to Mature your Internal Control ProgramAs organizations improve their approach to enterprise and operational risk management, as well as broader GRC, it is crucial that organizations adopt an enterprise view of internal controls. Failing to do so can have a serious impact to corporate integrity, performance and risk management. Alternatively, taking a mature approach to internal control management will result in predictable business behavior, transactions, access and processes.

To do this, it is imperative to understand where you are today and the steps necessary to reach your desired state of maturity. Our GRC experts developed an internal control management maturity model to articulate best-practice processes and provide organizations with a roadmap to support acceleration through their journey.  

In this white paper we discuss:

  • Controlling the dynamic, distributed and disrupted organization
  • An internal control management maturity model with checklists to evaluate your capabilities
  • Insights and steps to take to improve your internal control maturity

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