Evaluating In-House Developed GRC Technology: Four Major Considerations

Comparing in-house developed solutions vs. GRC software

As recently as a few years ago, when executives and management teams discussed how to manage governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), some of the questions were:

  • Excel spreadsheets seem to be working well for the organization, or aren’t they?
  • Should we use spreadsheets to “automate” compliance and risk management projects?
  • Why spend precious budgets on software when much lower-cost solutions are available?
  • Is it time to go through the trouble of selecting and implementing a GRC platform?

Today most discussions have moved well beyond “if” there is a need for a solution or the pros and cons of spreadsheets to now talking about how to solve GRC challenges with technology.

This whitepaper elaborates on the challenges of building GRC technology in-house and takes a critical view of why commercially available GRC solutions are the preferred choice. 


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