Report: A Review of Work from Home Strategies Pre-, During and Post-Pandemic

The evolution of a hybrid workforce is an opportunity for a wider effort to improve efficiency, agility, and creativity.

The ongoing pandemic crisis has clearly challenged us in ways we’ve never seen before, essentially impacting every aspect of our personal and professional lives. While moving an entire workforce from offices to remote environments would normally involve great preparation and planning, this was not an option in 2020. This shift to work from home was immediate.

Still to be answered is how the resulting “new” work environment will be defined. Most certainly various work-from-home scenarios will continue going forward, and for many organizations, the new hybrid model will become the standard.

Report: A Review of WFH StrategiesSAI360 and Continuity Insights sponsored this report, based on surveys conducted in the summer of 2021, to learn more about the impact of the Work From Home decision – looking at pre-pandemic status, actions taken during the past 18 months, and some forward-looking thoughts on the “next” normal.

Additionally and of particular interest in this report is a closer look at work area recovery decisions, actions, and strategies of the respondents, to best ensure a resilient organization.


What issues might impact your ability to return to work at your facility?
► 57.84% I feel that I can be much more productive in a WFH scenario.
► 46.57% Continuing health concerns about commuting, confined office environment, etc.
► 40.20% The financial benefits realized with WFH are significant.

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